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01.16.04 - Separation into work and play sites has begun. Things will be more broken than usual.
11.27.03 - Spawned mmmaybe. This should give you a good idea as to where the site is heading. Revived aesthetica, for no real reason. Just nostalgic I guess. Also working relatively hard on a new site disclaimer.
11.19.03 - Extreme changes. Moving to a new domain and the blog now resides here Too many things broken to report. Slow fixes in progress.
10.11.03 - Well, I guess I lied. There were no "frequent updates". There however, has been an update to the picture page. It will have to do.
08.17.03 - A myriad of small changes forces a version number bump to v0.1.5b. The beta tag remains because many pages are in flux and/or are horribly broken. Frequent updates until a stable release should ensue as it's falling together in my head.
Earlier site news get archived along with journal entries.

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Random things that interest me and stuff that didn't fit elsewhere else. Very incomplete.

This page is the constantly evolving play page. In its previous avatar, it was the interests page. (What's with the current name anyway? It's my tribute to the second law, and the closest I could get to calling it "random stuff" without actually calling it "random stuff".) Anyway, whatever I decide to call this place, it's where I get to rant away at what kind of stuff I love to do (and things I absolutely detest), and put up articles on issues that are of interest to me or about issues in my life. The site being extremely rigid and cold (in a very me way), needs a space like this to, well, give me a chance to let loose (in a not very me way). It contains everything from orderly classified bits of information indicating my preferences and ways of going about different things, to totally out of whack articles about random stuff, to links to "elevated blogs", and everything in between. As a result, I tend to think of it as more of an "about me" page than the other pseudo "about me" page can ever be. Since it is the catch-everything-that-didn't-fit-anywhere-else container page, you should expect it to be large, unruly, and for the most part, incomplete. Here are some links to get you started.

Interests and related articles
Random articles
Elevated blogs
Pet Projects

Random articles

There should be some sort of description here. This is just filler text. And so is this. This is also filler text. Don't you just hate filler text? I mean, if you have nothing to say, why waste bandwidth? And then arbitrary noise. And then arbitrary noise. And then arbitrary noise. And then arbitrary noise. And then arbitrary noise.

Title of the article [ Author(s) :: mm.dd.yy ]
eg: Pet peeves, fun observations [ Author(s) :: mm.dd.yy ]
or perhaps the search engine rank watch [ Author(s) :: mm.dd.yy ]

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