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01.16.04 - Separation into work and play sites has begun. Things will be more broken than usual.
11.27.03 - Spawned mmmaybe. This should give you a good idea as to where the site is heading. Revived aesthetica, for no real reason. Just nostalgic I guess. Also working relatively hard on a new site disclaimer.
11.19.03 - Extreme changes. Moving to a new domain and the blog now resides here Too many things broken to report. Slow fixes in progress.
10.11.03 - Well, I guess I lied. There were no "frequent updates". There however, has been an update to the picture page. It will have to do.
08.17.03 - A myriad of small changes forces a version number bump to v0.1.5b. The beta tag remains because many pages are in flux and/or are horribly broken. Frequent updates until a stable release should ensue as it's falling together in my head.
Earlier site news get archived along with journal entries.

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Some of the images that follow are over a megabyte each. And yes, most of it's not even art.

This section of the website should have probably been under the interests section. But the amount of time I've wasted on digital "art" tends to warrant its own section. I suppose everybody needs a creative outlet, this is mine. I had a lot of stuff on my computer at home, but problems with the computer and such have forced people at home to format the disks. Sad. But ahh well, I can redraw them whenever I have the time. (Yeah right).

All the stuff on this portion of the site can't be classified as artwork, but will reside here anyway. I have, however, classified it into different categories for clarity. The images are released on this license.

Original Art
Text Effects
Digital Photo Manipulations
Desktop Screenshots

Text Effects

All of these textfx images have been created with the GIMP. I used to do this a LOT back home but haven't been doing related stuff in a while. (Which is a good thing considering I'm in graduate school now.) I am, admittedly rusty, but will populate this slowly as I remember old tricks :). They were all created at different times, for different purposes, from personal and friends' websites, to posters for events to just plain relaxation. I've chosen currently not to describe each one. This may change eventually.

Ignition textfx

Chrome textfx

Matrix textfx

Travel textfx

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