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01.16.04 - Separation into work and play sites has begun. Things will be more broken than usual.
11.27.03 - Spawned mmmaybe. This should give you a good idea as to where the site is heading. Revived aesthetica, for no real reason. Just nostalgic I guess. Also working relatively hard on a new site disclaimer.
11.19.03 - Extreme changes. Moving to a new domain and the blog now resides here Too many things broken to report. Slow fixes in progress.
10.11.03 - Well, I guess I lied. There were no "frequent updates". There however, has been an update to the picture page. It will have to do.
08.17.03 - A myriad of small changes forces a version number bump to v0.1.5b. The beta tag remains because many pages are in flux and/or are horribly broken. Frequent updates until a stable release should ensue as it's falling together in my head.
Earlier site news get archived along with journal entries.

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Arguably less prosaic, but do you really want just the facts? The mundane chronology?

I am a human male.
I was never given a choice.
I like choice.
I don't like choosing.

I make rational decisions.
I was never a child.
I don't like being cold and mature.

I try very hard to be rational.
I can melt.
I see the difference between rational and cold.
I am a bonafide geek.

I preferred machines to people.
I am an introvert.
I am addicted to technology.
I fear the phone like the plague.

I am not a hypocrite.
I don't eat meat.
I consume animal derivatives.
I don't sugar coat my words.

I say very little of what's on my mind.
I need to be heard.
I love to listen.

I like to sing.
I don't like to exert myself.
I am not fit.

I should play outside more.
I have gamed too much.
I did read a lot.
I then discovered TV.
I have my priorities warped.

I don't live life.
I survive.
I am content.
I don't try very hard.

I don't need to try very hard.
I am very good at what I do.
I only do what I am very good at.
I do very little.

I know a lot.
I know very little about anything that matters.
I don't leave my comfort zone.

I enjoyed being alone.
I need to be alone to function properly.
I did melt.
I don't fear intimacy.

I am not brave.
I am patient.
I am understanding.
I am not emotional.

I make people laugh.
I do try.
I make people cry.
I don't need to try.

I play by the rules.
I always look for flaws in rules.
I don't lie.
I don't place morals above all else.

I haven't tasted alcohol.
I drink too much pop.
I don't drink enough water.

I can swim.
I am scared to death of being in a pool.
I enjoy travelling.
I fear new experiences.

I am predictable.
I am quiet.
I am not entertaining.
I fear uncertainty.
I am in awe of dynamism.

I observe things.
I forget easily.
I am learning how to use a camera.
I understand.
I need to know.

I feel I am smarter than most.
I feel I am not as happy as most.
I am not sad.
I am organized.
I appear disorganized.

I need a haircut.

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